Pharma IT - Attracting experienced people, educating young talents

Pharma IT is welcoming new consultants. Our team of experienced people and young talents is growing and making us stronger within quality, compliance and more knowledgeable within pharma business processes.

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We are happy to welcome 6 new employees:

Welcome 2017

  • Benedikte Marie Due - More than 10 years of experience with IT compliance. Working as Validation Track Lead in IT implementation projects and as Business Consultant in system operation and maintenance. Experience primarily with corporate GxP systems within the Regulatory, Quality and R&D area. Also experience with international projects, external vendors and offshore personnel.
  • Kristian Esteban Lorentzen - SAP ATTP consultant with more than 5 years of experience in the Life Science industry. Specialized in Supply Chain Management, Serialization and Track & Trace. Experience from several serialization projects including end-to-end implementation of SAP ATTP and SAP AII/OER.
  • Mie Altermann Sørensen - Pharmacovigilance specialist with 5 years of experience with processing of ICSR's. Having worked with various safety databases e.g. AERS, Argus, Aris Global, Empirica and SBI. In addition, 1.5 years of experience within Medical Information. Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Mathias Nørbæk Johansen - Pharma IT student worker, master student at the Danish Technical University in Biomedical Engineering. 3 years of experience within life science.
  • Mette-Marie Thyge Nøigaard - 15 years of experience from the pharmaceutical and medical device industry working with compliance, processes and quality. Extensive experience with implementation of process optimization, large and small changes in pharmaceutical organizations, management of stakeholders on all levels. Hands-on experience from Clinical, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs and audit functions. Experience in development, implementation and execution of training programs within these areas. Certification: ISO 9001 Lead Auditor.
  • Lærke Nielsen (picture missing) - Pharma IT student worker, bachlor student at the Danish Technical University in Medicin and Technology.

 In PharmaIT we want to deliver Competitive, Experienced and Professional IT Consultants to the Pharma Industry. We have a low cost base and therefore we can offer Competitive rates.