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Pharma IT is looking for a skilled Business Analyst with configuration experience within the Life Sciences to join our fast-growing team of specialists dedicated to Veeva Solutions. Ideally you will have experience in one or more of the Veeva Vaults (RIM, Clinical, Promomats, QMS)


If you are among the best in identifying and resolving problems with Veeva, and if you want to work with the best people in a young and energetic company where your excellence will be rewarded, Pharma IT is looking for you.

Your responsibilities – Veeva, problem-solving, and customer interaction

You will be responsible for support and configuration with an emphasis on functionality and technical specifications of Veeva while working closely with more senior colleagues. In addition to this, it is important that you are based in Danmark.

Other areas where you will be expected to contribute are:

  • Provisioning of functional and technical support for one of our client’s Veeva solutions.
  • Identifying and resolving problems.
  • Interacting with users, IT, and on occasion Veeva support.
  • Providing user provisioning and administration.
  • Participating in the enhancement of projects.

Qualifications and experience

Successful candidates will demonstrate experience in Veeva Vault, be proactive, curious, and be prepared for continuous learning. Furthermore, a successful candidate will have:

  • 2+ years of functional and technical experience working with Veeva.
  • 2+ years of experience within Trial Master File and Clinical.
  • Very good knowledge of Veeva Clinical with a focus on eTMF.
  • Experience with other Veeva vaults (i.e. RIM, QD).

If this sound like you, please send an email to Peter-Emil Iversen at If you want to know more about us, feel free to check out our about page.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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