Software as a Medical Device

Software is increasingly becoming the go-to method for diagnosing illnesses and monitoring health, creating challenges concerning new and updated legislation such as the EU MDR.

Automated UI Testing

Automation of User Interface (UI) testing has matured significantly in recent years, and through the use of no-code tools, UI test automation is now accessible for a broader audience.

Medical Device: 238 days!

131 days and counting down. That’s the number of days before EU MDR goes into effect. For many Medical Device companies this seems like very few days to get ready!

Why Devops and SAP ATTP should go hand in hand

Since 2016 all pharmaceutical companies have implemented solutions to support Serialisation requirements from different markets.  I have been involved in implementations at 3 different clients. The question i receive most often is how to transition from a successful implementation to a more stable operation of SAP ATTP, without keeping the project team around indefinitely. I …

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Serialisation: Handling EMVS alerts

For the past years we have been working with clients on their Serialisation compliance and with this post we want to share some of the insights gained while helping clients to find operational ways to handle the EMVS alerts. The challenges Authentication of FMD compliant packs against the EU hub became mandatory for dispensers with …

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