October 6, 2022

Ea Marie Holst featured in PharmaDanmark Article Announcing New Pharmacovigilance Network

Ea Marie Holst featured in PharmaDanmark Article Announcing Pharmacovigilance Network

Ea Marie Holst, Pharma IT’s Director of Drug Development Consulting, was recently featured in an article within PharmaDanmark’s Medlemsblad were she was interviewed in conjunction with the launch of their new Pharmacovigilance Network. In the article, Ea describes her excitement about the new network as well as the importance of overarching community within the pharmacovigilance space.

She shares, “People in this field do not necessarily have a broad understanding of pharmacovigilance, even if they have worked with it for several years. They may well have sat and worked with a niche and a very specific part of the area. As a result, they may not see the big picture and how the various elements of pharmacovigilance play together. I believe they will really benefit from looking more holistically at their field of expertise. This is something that the pharmacovigilance network will be able to help provide.”

Ea, an educated pharmacist, also reflected on her journey to her current leadership position. She points out that she struggled imagining  herself in leadership roles because most of the senior pharmacovigilance professionals she met had backgrounds as physicians. As she looks forward, she hopes development and participation in this new network will help provide a space for pharmacists to lift one another up. 

You can find the entire edition of the Pharmadanmark Medlemsblad, here.

You can read the entire excerpt featuring Ea (in Danish), below.

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