Medical Device Engineers – Side job/Freelance

Pharma IT is searching for Medical Device Engineers to support development/assessment of Medical Device products within all the different types of Medical Devices as defined in EU REGULATION 2017/2185 – Link

Our aim is to build a competence database of Medical Device Engineers, who can support our customers within development/test/assessment of Medical Devices on a freelance or side job basis. If you are qualified to be part of our competence database Pharma IT will offer a monthly/yearly payment for being available for assignments and a hourly payment for the job done, when specific assignments are allocated and solved.

The assignments can vary in size from 20-40 hours, 50-200 hours and longer assignments.

If you are a Medical Engineer freelancer or if you are looking for a side job, please feel free to register your CV in our freelance database  – Link. Please specify you experience with Medical Devices in respect to the MDA, MDN, MDS, MDT, IVR, IVS, IVT, IVP and IVD codes as specified in the EU REGULATION 2017/2185 – Link

We expect to launch the new service based on the competence database of Medical Device Engineers in 3-9 months. Please expect a response time of 1-3 month once you have submitted your CV.