SAFe – Agile

Last week 15 senior Compliance- and Project Managers from Pharma IT participated in a Leading SAFe training session. Building on LEAN,  Agile/Scrum and System Thinking,  SAFe is a framework that allows large organizations a means to reap the benefits of agile development.

SAFe promotes alignment, collaboration and delivery across large numbers of agile teams. The crucial alignment gets done by identifying the team of teams working towards a common goal: An ART ‘Agile Release Train’ – and to define the activities that take place in this team. The core is to create an opportunity to plan together. Within 8-10 week intervals, there is a two-day scheduling activity, where everyone in the program works together to plan activities for the next PI ‘Program Increment’. These two days will end with goals for the coming period, a risk assessment and measurement of the plan’s credibility.


Following the training there is a 30 days period to take and pass the exam – and the first congratulations are already in order. So do not hesitate to contact us if you need Pharma Specialists with insights into SAFe.