Robotic ICSR Process Automation

The Pharma IT ICSR Process Automation can save costs and improve your case processing of Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSR).

Pharma IT has developed a robot that automate 60-70% of the work related to data entry of initial spontaneous ICSR reports.

The automation is based on a structured ICSR form that can be converted into XML and a robot that automate "book-in" and "data entry" into Argus Safety 8.x.

The robot automate the following process:

  • Pick up an e-mail from the safety mailbox with a reported ICSR
  • Extract data from the structured ICSR form and perform a duplicated search
  • Book-in the case
  • Send out an acknowledgement letter via outlook
  • Attach acknowledgement letter and any other attachments from the e-mail to the case in Argus Safety
  • Complete data entry with the remaining data from the ICSR form
  • Attach report from the automated process to the case in Argus Safety for further case processing
  • Move the e-mail from the safety mailbox to a designated folder to show it has been processed

Watch the video to learn more about the Pharma IT ICSR Process Automation.

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