Pharma IT

Pharma IT was started in January 2016 based on a few simple ideas.

  • If you want to build outstanding competencies within IT consultancy in Pharma, It is necessary to focus exclusively on Pharma.
  • Pharma Customers need skilled consultants with many years’ experience
  • Skilled consultants with many years’ experience wants to work with likeminded people and want to maximize their time with the customer

Pharma IT has successfully built an organization that combines these ideas and enable us to deliver the best consultants in their specialized field, to our customers.

We have done this by removing internal obstacles for the consultant enabling them to deliver the most valuable commodity they have, to the client. Time.

We do not leave on Fridays, we do not have frequent internal meetings, we do not have internal committees where valuable time is wasted, when this time is better spent at the client. We stay as long as necessary to support the clients where we are needed.

At Pharma IT you are rewarded for specializing in your area of expertise, be it Compliance, Pharmacovigilance, Project Management, Business Consulting or any other. You do not need a career path, fancy title, people reporting to you, or any of the many other ways, other companies try to draw “career paths” we want you to excel in your field at the client, this is where we believe the value is created.

What our clients can expect:

  • We will take responsibility, your problems become our problems
  • We are experts, we will know how to solve your issues and have experience from other companies in the industry.
  • We will be honest and challenging

What we expect from our clients:

Brutal honesty, tell us what you think and let us know if we are not meeting your expectations. We do not want to deliver anything other than top value, if that is the case let us know and we can hopefully fix it together.

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