Do you need assistance with information and process management? Pharma IT Cloud EDMS may be the solution for you

Have you recently signed a document by hand? Been asked by a colleague to resend a document? Is it difficult to find valid instructions for procedures? Are you in doubt about the training status of relevant employees? And can you find documentation for such training?

These questions capture challenges faced by companies of all sizes within regulated industry. To provide solutions to these questions, all the while remaining compliant, has previously required large upfront investments. This is no longer the case: Pharma IT is here to help.

Pharma IT Cloud EDMS is a complete Document, Quality, and Training Management system preconfigured according to industry best practices

By using Pharma IT Cloud EDMS, your company will be able to avoid silos, as well as be able to get process and information management right from the beginning. Pharma IT Clould EDMS will ensure that your company can scale, that it will remain compliant as it grows, and that employees will be able to cooperate efficiently. 

Furthermore, by utilizing Pharma IT Cloud EDMS, you will find that:

  • Inspections will require less preparation, and inspection risk will be minimized.
  • Work efficiency will be enhanced.
  • Your business will be able to work smarter and faster.
  • The dependency on personal relations will be lessened.
  • Globalization will be made possible.
  • You will be able to limit the use of attachments.
  • There will be easy access to documents throughout the organization.
  • Quick creation of retention policies will be possible.

Decentralize your organizational structure, enable efficient work from home, and ensure agility

Pharma IT Cloud EDMS lets you share and store key information, enabling employees to retrieve the documents that they need fast, reliably, and remotely. This enables the furthering of agile principles, remote work, and efficient management.

Your documents and data are assets - they deserve the best solution

Pharma IT Cloud EDMS enables you to take care and keep track of all valuable data and information that you possess. Furthermore, by enabling you to share assets across borders seamlessly, you can ensure future growth.

And yes: Pharma IT Cloud EDMS is secure and fully GxP-compliant

Pharma IT Cloud EDMS is fully GxP-compliant, and Pharma IT ensures that all services are fully compliant, up to date, and ready for inspections. Furthermore, Pharma IT Cloud EDMS includes templates for the implementation of ISO9001, ISO13485, GMP and GCP quality systems.

Secure your data, segregate lines of business, and ensure compliance

By enabling you to store core documentation in one place, Pharma IT Cloud EDMS enables you to secure your data and ensure compliance. Furthermore, Pharma IT Cloud EDMS enables the segregation of lines of business, ensuring that different areas and divisions will have access to their own documents


  • 120 EUR/User/Month

  • No implementation costs

  • Free of charge GxP-validation

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