Pharma IT Cloud

Supporting the Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Device Industries

The Pharma IT cloud is a fully GxP-compliant service aimed at small and medium-sized pharma, biotech and medical device companies. Our cloud solution is easy to use, agile, scalable, and tailored specifically to the demands of companies in regulated industries.

The two pillars of the Pharma IT Cloud:

Our cloud solution is focused on two core areas:

Pharma IT Cloud EDMS

Pharma IT Cloud EDMS is a complete Document, Quality, and Training Management system preconfigured according to industry best practices


The Pharma IT Cloud for Safety Management can be leveraged for support of clinical trials, post marketing safety and pharmacovigilance process support

The idea behind Pharma IT Cloud

If used and implemented correctly, IT systems enable faster and more efficient business processes, as well as the ability to work collaboratively from remote locations.

Until now, implementation and maintenance costs of IT Systems have been too high for small and mid-sized companies within the Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device industries. This has been due to regulatory requirements that have forced many companies to continue with paper-based processes.

The Pharma IT Cloud lowers, removes, and scales the costs of upfront payments and maintenance. This enables small and mid-size companies to implement electronic business processes without risking a loss of compliance.

Jakob Juul Rasmussen, CEO

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Our cloud-solution is GxP-compliant, scalable, and agile