February 6, 2023

Veeva Service Partner Certification Further Enables Pharma IT’s Ability to Support Life Science Companies

Veeva Service Partner Certification Further Enables Pharma IT’s Ability to Support Life Science Companies

Pharma IT is a Certified Veeva Services Partner for the Veeva Systems Development Cloud

Pharma IT, a Danish life sciences consultancy, is named an official Certified Veeva Services Partner – Development Cloud. Veeva Development Cloud is an operating system for the full product lifecycle that brings together applications for clinical, quality, regulatory, and safety to help organizations drive end-to-end business processes. This certification recognizes expertise in supporting implementions and post-implementation for Veeva’s industry-leading software solutions for the life sciences industry.

“The life sciences industry is constantly evolving, with a focus on improving product quality and driving innovation. One particularly relevant trend is the increasing importance of digital transformation. More and more companies are adopting electronic systems, like Veeva, for managing their operations. It is crucial that we are able to provide our customers expert advisory, implementation, post-implementation, and administrative support for these systems,” shared Maria Skou Andersen, Pharma IT’s Director of Veeva Services.  

She continues, “We are so proud to be a certified Veeva Services Partner. Members of our team have worked on Veeva projects since 2018. Today, our Veeva Services team consists of 14 Veeva dedicated and White Belt Certified team members. Further, the broader Pharma IT team includes dozens of business process experts. This enables us to provide customers with both system and line of business support.”

“We strive to provide technical expertise combined with quality service. We are excited to be a Veeva Services Partner and look forward to helping our clients leverage the full potential of Veeva’s solutions to drive innovation and improve product quality,” adds Jakob Juul Rasmussen, Pharma IT’s Managing Director and Co-Founder.

You can find more information about Pharma IT’s Veeva Services Team, here

If you are looking for Veeva Services support, contact Maria Skou Andersen at msa@pharmait.dk or +45 2871 2841

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